Reel certified accessories

    Reel Accessories are made of the highest quality materials and are meant for use with the REEL.

    A.  Rope extensions approximately 30 inches long 1/4 inch diameter rope doubled over, stitched, glued, and rubberized.

      Suggested retail $9.95

    B.  Hook and pile board attachments with stainless steel swivel

      Suggested Retail $6.95

    C.  Waist belts two inches wide with cam buckle

      Suggested retail $9.95

    D.  Snap hooks, solid brass and rated at 270 pounds

      Suggested retail $3.50 each

    E.  Nylon leash straps stitched at one end and rated at 460 pounds.

      Suggested retail $5.95

    F.  Shock cords

      Suggested retail $6.95

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